IPS i5 is now out

IPS recently released the IPS i5. It is the most practical Electric Unicycle today. We tried it before it just before it got officially released and we can conclude at first glance that it's so practical.

How to Get One

Get One, Try One, Visit us or get in touch with us for a free tryout session

First of all, come and give it a look. Just like buying a car, you need to fall in love with it. Come and give them a quick peek in out outlet situated in PCRS, Triq il-Kampanella, Fgura. Just behind the Gallarija Shopping Complex. We will also give you a brief demonstration about it's features and how it's work.


IPS Zero

The IPS Zero is the ideal electric unicycle beginner. It comes with all the kit to start learning and get used to electric unicycles.

It is well designed with style and sure it will attract friendly people to you. Also the design ensures to reduce the comfort in riding the EUC and it's 10Kg of weight can be taken with you everywhere.

The 800 watt motor allows the riders to ride with confidence and style.

IPS Training Video

Want to Cash and Carry your Electric Unicycle to Home? We will be doing a Training Videos in order to do your practice nearby your home.
Meanwhile we always recommend taking our FREE training sessions as this will help getting the most out of your unicycle, plus it comes with voucher at the end, that can be given as a gift or exchange on payment of your electric unicycle or any IPS accessories.

It's Fun Green Protable and Cool

The new means of transport is here.
The self balancing unicycle is a computerized motor that balances straight on its own. This provides a new mean of transportation that due to it's small size, advanced battery technology and minimum weight, it can give up to 30km of transport on only 2 hour charge, besides that it's hand carried everywhere!
This device can bring several advantages, which includes; reducing the traffic problem, overcome traffic congestion, parking solution in limited parking areas and commuting.